The Huasteca

The ancient people of Mesoamerica bequeathed scores of wondrous temples, monuments and cities in the regions of what is now modern Mexico. The Yucatan and Chiapas boast Palenque, Uxmal, Yachilan and Chichén Itzá; in Oaxaca are Mitla and Monte Alban; Chalcatzingo, Xochicalco, and Cacaxtla stand out in the mountains south of Mexico City; in the Valley of Mexico are Tula, Teotihuacan and the marvels that dot the capital city itself.

But in time another region is almost certain to be added to this list: the Huasteca, in northeast Mexico. The Huasteca encompasses mountains, rivers, lagoons, a broad coastal plain, a diverse mix of indigenous people, and ancient ruins long forgotten.

In recent years archaeologists have turned new attention on the Huasteca. These stories highlight two research teams now at work.




The Pathfinders

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